FAQ // Important Information

Q: Is Cocoa Butter Mothers a medical authority or licensed medical practitioner?

Cocoa Butter Mothers is not a professional or licensed medical establishment. All statements made by us combine applications of formal education, personal anecdotes, personal opinion, and countless hours of research, testing, and development. Cocoa Butter Mothers products or statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and are in no way intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Q: If you're not a doctor, then who do I consult?

Cocoa Butter Mothers encourages all of our visitors and customers to properly consult with a trusted medical professional or certified herbal practitioner before use of any herb based creations. Additionally, Cocoa Butter Mother’s customers should always use their own discretion and research thoroughly before use.

Q: What does organic, witchy, wild, & natural mean?

All Cocoa Butter Mothers products are formulated in-house and are crafted with intent and care using responsibly sourced ingredients that range from 100% natural, fair trade, kosher, organic, vegan, and/or wild crafted. CBM is proud to share that each of our products are created without: animal testing, synthetic ingredients, chemicals, unnatural preservatives, mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, alcohol, and any artificial dyes/colorants.

Q: Are there any side effects or issues to be aware of with natural products?

Although each CBM formulation is comprised of non-toxic ingredients, they still possess the potential to cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. This is particularly so for products containing nut oils\butters for those who suffer with nut allergies. It’s wise (and highly recommended) to conduct a small skin test of any topically applied product to best gauge your skin’s reaction. We also offer the ability to request custom blends to accommodate sensitivity to certain ingredients. Contact: customorders@cocoabuttermothers.com for details.

Q: Can expectant mothers use all CBM products safely?

A number of essential oils, herbs, and botanical medicines contain potent properties that could prove harmful to pregnant women, nursing women, infants, and children. For this reason we strongly urge pregnant and/or nursing Cocoa Butter Mothers to consult their physician, certified herbalist, or birthing team before using products containing these ingredients.

Q: Why do orders take up to 10 days before shipping?

Cocoa Butter Mothers guarantees order processing and shipment between 7-10 business days because products are created in small batches and are generally made to order. Please email info@cocoabuttermothers.com with any questions or concerns regarding shipping or to request expedited shipping rates. 

Q: What is small batch and why is it special?

Small batch is a method of production where goods are crafted and assembled in limited quantities. This type of production ensures product quality and freshness without the use of harmful shelf stabilizers and chemical preservatives, because natural products do have a limited shelf life. Additionally, CBM customers should note that it is completely normal for slight variances in product color, texture, or aroma to occur. This is normal and should be expected with an authentic apothecary experience.